swawp old face with new face 2020 model coffee sensor

Change mask

If your old Universal Coffee Sensor’s mask is torn, too used or if you just wanna change the old style face with the new 2020 model, please contact us and we will send the new mask ASAP, using the form below.

We will use a simple small envelope to send the new mask to you.

Charge is just to cover the shipping and handling costs and is 5 EUR.

Only existing customers in our own data base will be accepted to this program, that have a valid purchase made on www.coffee-sensor.com and who have the old model in use.

To change the mask, just peel off the old one, clean the remaining adhesive (if any), remove the new mask from the special support and install it using as guidance the small special U shape present on the face, to align it properly.

Please complete this form below, using your initial order details, so we could process the request. In Your Message field, mention the new shipping details, if they are different from the initial drop location.

Thank you.