Coffee Sensor on Bezzera coffee machines

Coffee Sensor (our temperature sensor for HX and SBDU coffee machines with E61 group head) can be used with no problems with any Bezzera HX E61 group head model. A lot of new costumers and new users that just got into this hobby asked us on which models from Bezzera the sensor is compatible with. Well, any HX machine that has the hex screw inserted into the group is compatible with the Coffee Sensor. We used a lot of Bezzera coffee machine inside the company, with great results. We admit that we never had a dual boiler from this manufacturer but the single boilers were very well and strong built. Some models that were into our hands are Bezzera Magica, Bezzera Mitica and Bezzera Milano. If anybody is curious about Bezzera, we can say they have a modern production facility and about 70 employees, where the components and finished products are designed and manufactured. Bezzera produces professional and semi-professional espresso coffee machines, including the ones that are, as we said, compatible with the Coffee Sensor. Bezzera exports its products to approximately 50 countries around the world. Comparing to Expobar (Crem Internationa), not so many markets 🙂 Expobar has retailers and selling departments in about 90 countries. The quality of Bezzera machines has always been their prime objective. We read that they even have a Research & Development Department, which collaborates with the technical services provided by its resellers for continuous improvement of the products, periodically implementing technical updates and training on the culture of espresso coffee. The entire Bezzera espresso machine production takes place inside the company. We can understand that in this way, they have a severe QC process under their own roof. We had a lot of clients with Bezzera, but unfortunately not many pictures with our sensor and the machine in use. A customer from Romania was kind enough to send us a picture with the Coffee Sensor installed on a Bezzera Milano. We recommend this accessory to any beginner but also advanced users, in order to obtain as fast as possible great tastes in the cup but also to correctly adjust the pressurestat. Enjoy the pic !
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