Who is the manufacturer of Coffee Sensor products?
We take great pride in the fact that Coffee Sensor is the designer and manufacturer of all prototypes and final version of products sold on our website. We use only CNC mill machines.


Who can use Coffee Sensor thermometers?
Practically any Dual boiler, HX or SBDU coffee machine with the E61 group head on front is compatible with our sensors. If your group head looks like the one in the picture below and has the screw (M6 thread) inside the red dot, then the temperature sensors should be compatible. For more details about Coffee Sensor products and compatibility issues, send us an e-mail, use the chat or visit the product’s page for the full description.


What is the lifespan of our product?
We use only the most resistant and tough materials on the market. That is the reason why the products are made only from top quality materials like stainless steel / brass (materials notable for their corrosion resistance). But you can also find copper / Teflon parts, that are usually spare.


What else do i need in order to install the product?
We offer full installation kits to all our products. Our retail boxes contain everything you need in order to install and use the sensors or other Coffee Sensor accessories. For more details about package content, please visit the product’s page.

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