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Price Match Form


    Price Matching Form is not a promise or guarantee that we will equal someone’s price and sell it at that level or amount.

    At Coffee Sensor, we want to give you the best price that we can on any upgrade / equipment and accessories that we sell. Found a better price somewhere else? Use this form to inform us about this and we will take a decision, taking into consideration multiple details, like current stock, current market value and our purchase price.

    Please note the following limitations which we consider FAIR:

      • Competition price must be for the same product sold by an official seller and not some individual which sells under market price just to attract profits with no taxes, fees or employees to take care off  (Etsy, Costco, Craigslist, eBay and other auction sites are not eligible and do not fit into this category).
      • Is currently in stock on competition website.
      • The price you’d like us to match must be publicly advertised / clearly stated on the competition website.