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New EU VAT regulations starting 1st of July 2021

Starting 1st of July 2021, our website applies the new EU VAT regulation law regarding all inside European Union sales to individuals. Sales to companies registered in VIES remain the same as before.

That means that starting from the above mentioned date, ALL OUR ORDERS include your local VAT rate. This rate will be paid directly TO YOUR COUNTRY and not ours. So Coffee Sensor does not have anything to gain financially from the VAT tax paid on our website, but rather your own country.

Each European Union sale, considering your location, will have a different VAT rate applied. If you wish to know your local VAT rate, please visit the official EU VAT website.

All prices shown on our website already include our Romanian local VAT rate, which is 19%.

If place of consumption is another country then Romania and is a member of EU, for example Sweden, over our local 19% VAT rate, there will be a VAT rate adjustment right in checkout, meaning that our website will add the extra 6% to the total prices, because Swedish local VAT rate is 25%.