Our temperature sensor (Coffee Sensor) on Expobar machines

What can we say about Expobar? Even we use a Brewtus IV dual boiler (DB) day by day with great results in the coffee cup.

To be honest, the DB is way better and simpler to use than one boiler HX machines. The known cooling flush process, when we speak of a DB, is changed with another interesting and specific method that warms the group. The process is named ,,cold nose”. How to explain this process? The DB is usually too cold to start the extraction (that is if you have set up the boliler temperature correctly. If you want to get to the ideal group and water temperature, you just have to let the water flow until it gets to let’s say 92 degrees C. Immediately start the extraction and you will see that the water temperature does not increase much or decrease, it remains stable throughout the entire extraction process. That is the big difference between single and dual boiler ,,getting ready” process. With single boiler HX, the cooling flush is a little bit more complicated. 

We will let you guys test, maybe sell you SB HX and try the DB 🙂

But even with these capabilities, we cannot use the machine without the temperature sensor or the Coffee Sensor inserted into the group. OK, maybe we exaggerate, but it’s a lot more simpler and easier to use a coffee machine with this accessory. We had a client that described this as simple as it gets: ,,without it i feel like i’m blind”. That’s because after starting to use the Coffee Sensor, you will see that day by day, your eyes are always on the LCD of the Coffee Sensor and not somewhere else. Not even on the flow. Only on the screen…

It gives us in every morning the idle temperature of the group (so if the machine is ready to start the first extraction) and the best moment to stop the ,,cold nose”. Another interesting win is that now we use way less water with the help of the sensor, an effect that is gained with any HX or SBDU machine with the Coffee Sensor installed in it.

No more guess work, just plug and play and when the lcd shows what you want, you will stop the flow of the watr faster than before.

Now, who is Expobar? Well, they are actually called ,, Crem International “, which is a global company with more than 100 years of combined experience in the market and sales in more than 90 countries. 

Crem International develops, manufactures and markets coffee machines under three strong brands – Coffee Queen, Expobar and Spengler – for offices, coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, catering and convenience.

Everybody knew that they are Spanish (we think), but recently Expobar (Spain) and Coffee Queen (Sweden) merged, and also incorporated Spengler company (Germany) into their group, becoming the sector’s manufacturer with the most extensive product range, leading the market in the design and manufacture of any type of coffee solution at professional level.

I guess that’s why they’re selling the products in 90 countries and not only 🙂   50 like Bezzera claims on their website.

On their website, we can find out that in Crem International,  they have and share a unique heart built on a comprehensive knowledge about the coffee market. What really sets them apart from other companies is the true, pure passion they have for what they do, a genuine desire to go further.

They have production facilities and sales offices located in Sweden, China, Spain, England and Germany.

We have a lot of customers that use the Coffee Sensor with Expobar HX coffee machines, regardless of being single or dual boiler.

The models tested until now are the Expobar Office Lever / Leva, Expobar Brewtus models and so on.

Here are some pics from all over the world. Enjoy !

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