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E61 Group Head

E61 group head accessories and parts that will bring your machine to the next level in no time

Since Ernesto Valente invented the E61 group back in 1961 (the name E61 signifies the total solar eclipse that occurred in that same year), this type of GH became one of the most used on commercial but also home used coffee machines worldwide.

Most Coffee Sensor E61 group head spare parts and accessories are custom-made to please each and every desire and need for the machine itself.

From E61 digital coffee sensors (Universal or Pro Version) to flow devices that we create and manufacture in partner factories, our website is the place to be for the best experience and parts that you need.

We carry the essentials for all major manufacturers of E61 machines, from Expobar, Rocket, Faema, Vibiemme, Bezzera, to the not so well known Arte di Vittoria, BFC and others.

Looking for a group head temperature sensor, a new flow device, group head gaskets or new IMS ProBarista triple baskets? Search our web shop and buy E61 group head parts and other goodies with ease. There’s something to upgrade every coffee maker.

Why shop for E61 group parts and accessories at Coffee Sensor?

Nothing compares to upgrading and, thus, creating the best coffee inside your home. And the fun is that you can do this with your own hands because we offer the A to Z installation package kit and LIVE chat to help you reach the next level of extractions. Our retail and bulk customers choose us because we:

  • Cover all types of E61 group accessories and parts to improve your extraction. Whether you need E61 group head gaskets, baskets, sensors or flow devices, we have these parts already listed.
  • Manufacture parts on our own or in our partner factories. We want the best quality control possible on the market. That’s why some of our parts are made in-house and some in partner factories that understand what the best quality means.
  • Supply all E61 group parts and accessories in bulk. If you’re running a coffee house or a chain of specialty coffee shops and you are in need of larger quantities, Coffee Sensor can provide them ASAP. You can place a bulk order for E61 group accessories online as you browse.
  • Ship our parts worldwide. We dispatch our orders worldwide using DHL services (Economy or Express), with the drop shipping option available.

Go for the highest-quality E61 group parts online to keep your E61 machine at its best. Shop at Coffee Sensor to make sure it delivers the best coffee, regardless of whether it’s in your home or in your own coffee shop!

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