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Pressure gauges for E61 machines — The long-kept secret to delicious coffee

A pressure gauge for coffee machines has become quite common these days. Whether you use a commercial coffee machine or an at-home espresso maker, you might want to add it to pull off extractions. E61 brew head pressure gauges are of great value as they provide precise measurements of the water flow and pressure to help you determine the correct amount of time needed to achieve optimal brewing conditions.

Pressure gauges are not created equal. Some accessories are designed to measure the water flow rate and temperature. Other options only display the actual level of pressure within the machine. But no matter the type, they are here to improve your coffee.

How does the E61 pressure gauge work?

Pressure gauges aren’t very complicated devices with a slew of buttons to press and functions to perform. In fact, they rely on sensitive metal membranes that contract or expand as pressure goes up or down during the extraction process. This is followed by needle movements that allow for accurate pressure readings and help you achieve excellent extractions.

You can easily brew hot or cold coffee with the E61 grouphead pressure gauge. When the accurately controlled extraction magic happens, you can use it to measure pressure throughout the process to spot poor tamping, grind size issues, and other puck problems that keep you from serving perfect coffee.

Tips for using the pressure gauge with E61 machines

Did you know you need to set pressure to 9 bars to brew a truly lip-smacking cup of coffee? The E61 group pressure gauge allows a barista or anyone who operates the coffee machine to do just that.

Why should you care about brewing coffee at the correct pressure in the first place? Well, high-quality coffee should be brewed in the 190°F-200°F range. Anything higher than 200°F will result in burnt flavors. At lower pressures, water does not heat up enough, aggravated by extraction issues. On top of that, you can forget about creamy drinks when brewing coffee at low pressures. That creamy texture is important because it helps to aerate coffee, allowing for the optimal flavor release.

Barista-approved E61 group head pressure gauges at Coffee Sensor

When selecting a new pressure gauge for your E61 machine, consider these key features:

  • Accuracy. Your pressure gauge has to measure pressure accurately so that you can fully check your extractions and identify puck issues.
  • Ease of use. The intuitive display and easy-to-monitor needle movements will allow you to avoid spending days getting used to your new pressure gauge.
  • Versatility. A gauge that can be used on multiple coffee machines is a more forward-looking purchase than an accessory limited to just one brand. The standard M6 thread is usually fine for most E61 coffee machine group heads.
  • Lightning-fast installation. You don’t want another product that ties you up in knots. Choose a pressure gauge that you can quickly install on your own. The gauge is send out along with anything you need to install it, like Teflon tape and brass washers.

Coffee Sensor’s pressure gauges for E61 group heads marry all these features for your perfect extractions. Plus, they can be used with most coffee machines out there!

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