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Temperature sensors

Make barista-quality espresso with a Coffee Sensor E61 group head thermometer 

A freshly EXTRACTED cup of coffee makes the best start to the day when MADE properly. That’s why you can’t buy specialty coffee beans and call it a day. All too many factors are in the picture for perfect espressos, and temperature is among them. To bring the extraction process to new heights and never mess up with temperature, upgrade your coffee machine with an E61 group head thermometer.

Coffee Sensor is a SMALL BUT STRONG team of coffee enthusiasts who strive to enhance your coffee drinking and brewing experience. We bring passion into everything we do and create high-quality products for all coffee admirers. Our temperature strips and thermometers are designed to level up the coffee extraction process, so you can pull barista-level espresso shots for your customers and friends.

With the E61 group thermometer, you’ll always have perfect timing to start your coffee machine EXTRACTION. Plus, you can stay in the know what water temperature hits the coffee puck and whether it needs adjustment. From now on, your coffee will taste delicious like never before!

E61 temperature sensors for a more consistent approach to coffee EXTRACTION

Are you looking for an ideal coffee recipe for your taste buds? Coffee Sensor E61 digital thermometers can make your experiments more fruitful. As they display the current water temperature with pinpoint accuracy, you can easily get a fix on optimal coffee EXTRACTION readings. You can then repeat the most enjoyable results and stick to them.

Our E61 thermometers are lauded for the following features:

  • Precise standby and water readings
  • -50-200°C operating temperature
  • Easy switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • 180-degree rotatable LCD

You don’t need special skills or O-rings and thread seal tapes to install a group thermometer. The supply kit involves everything you’ll use for fitting, including copper washers and a detailed guide. Once connected, the sensor will inform you about the water temperature that comes from the boiler AND HITS YOUR PUCK, to keep burnt coffee at bay.

Order Coffee Sensor thermometers for E61 group heads

If coffee is the fuel your body works on, make sure it is top-quality. Most coffee shops are focused on visitor flows instead of mouth-watering coffee flavors. If spending a fortune on a visit to them isn’t what you’re eager to do, improve your coffee-making routine. Your machine can deliver better coffee if you equip it with a group head thermometer, the E61 type, as you eliminate various coffee extraction problems.

Coffee Sensor has coffee machine thermometers for every budget. Our Pro version COMES with THE SPECIAL adapter (COMPARED TO THE UNIVERSAL VERSION) and a lifetime guarantee for all metal structural elements. If you’re selecting a group head thermometer for your coffee shop, the COFFEE SENSORS THERMOMETERS ARE the best choice. 

We ship all orders in branded cardboard boxes to ensure you will have your thermal sensor and other accessories delivered intact. The approximate delivery time for a group head thermometer is FIVE DAYS MAX WORLDWIDE.

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