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PID kits and boxes

PID kits for Gaggia Classic & Pro: A fulfilling touch of control and automation

If Gaggia is your favorite among all the things that have been around for years, Coffee Sensor knows how to keep the two of you happy. As robust as this espresso machine is, you can mod it up in different ways for improved and lasting performance. This way, PID kits for Gaggia Classic fans and wannabe home baristas can be a fine-tuning tool for more consistent and customized extractions.

If you were to make just one upgrade to your beloved Classic, swapping the original thermostat function for a smart PID algorithm would be the best idea. Add a high-precision temperature sensor – and you are all set to improve shot quality.

What can PID kits do for your coffee?

PID kits for Gaggia Classic or Pro take the guesswork and inconsistency out of the shot-making process to:

  • Display, control, and adjust water temperature
  • Fix your thermostat or steam power issues
  • Regulate water flow
  • Eliminate temperature surfing
  • Bring precision to your espresso game

We offer both versions of Gaggia PID kits: those that enhance only your brew temperature stability and ones for brew and steam temperature plus extraction flow control. No matter which upgrade you choose, it will have a notable impact on the final shot.

With the addition of a basic Gaggia PID kit, you are upgrading to a faster heat-up time and uniform temperature throughout the brewing process. Besides reducing the unwanted oscillations and maintaining a preset value with ~ 0.5ºC accuracy, you can experiment with this essential brewing variable to achieve a different flavor profile. Meanwhile, opting for a 360º flow control dimmer kit gives you the benefits of pre-infusion and extraction flow regulation.

Gaggia Classic boxes for controllers and kits

A nifty upgrade that makes a huge difference to the taste and consistency of your shots doesn’t have to disrupt the overall esthetics of your machine. Our black and silver finish Gaggia boxes are designed specifically for this purpose. They are more than just a safety enclosure for the features and convenient displays – our elegant metal silver and black casing complements the look.

A top-box or side-mount case for your PID mod kit protects your controller unit while giving your setup a sleek, professional feel. When you seek to modify your machine without any unsightly changes, choose a box that fits perfectly and looks like a part of the original design.

Complete Gaggia Classic & Pro PID kits for easy installation

Coffee Sensor offers a range of add-ons to suit your desired level of improvement and complexity when modding your Classic for professional quality and efficiency. Our PID kits for Gaggia Classic machines are complete with wires, plugs, and connectors for easy fitting with the instructions provided. If you are in two minds about modifying your espresso maker or unfamiliar with its mechanics, watching our detailed tutorial will give you a clearer idea. 

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