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Tray and grids

Gaggia Classic & Pro drip trays and grids compatible with a variety of models

There’s a lot to love about classic machines. But some tweaks can be a rewarding experiment that takes your espresso brewing to modern levels of convenience. Using your Gaggia Classic or Pro with grids, drip catchers, and other parts in their original form underpins authenticity for anyone willing to savor the journey of Italian espresso artists. But if you are looking for improved performance and minimal maintenance, mods and upgrades are the way to go.

While some of those may be more complicated, expensive, or not worth the extra costs, others are easy and efficient for an aspiring home brewer on a budget. Of all the popular enhancements for Gaggia Classic models, changing the standard Gaggia drip tray for an extended low-profile one is the simplest and most transformative. And it can be done with Coffee Sensor!

Rule out the mess with Coffee Sensor Gaggia trays

Your machine may seem perfect, but there’s always room for functionality and workflow improvements. Designed for heat resistance and holding up to multiple washings and spills from daily use, our innovative Gaggia Classic trays offer extra stability and drip capacity. What’s more, the added clearance for cups and scales under the grouphead/portafilter can be a valuable asset, just as the ease of cleaning.

Appearance-wise, our drip trays feature the same stylish look as the original stainless steel Gaggia Classic grids and can come in dishwasher-safe plastic designs. Make your brewing environment safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable by opting for these accessories with a perfect fit and finish.

Fewer worries and less hassle – any Gaggia Classic owner will love this simple and quick upgrade to:

  • Streamline workflows
  • Vary cup height
  • Simplify access in the brewing area
  • Enhance the looks of your machine
  • Save time on cleaning and maintenance 

While it seems your tray works hard to catch dribbles, spills, or coffee grounds – with no potential impact on the quality of drinks – carving out more room to fit a scale adds precision. Besides, replacing the old tray with a Coffee Sensor one is a more convenient and nicer-looking option than removing your Gaggia grid to fit larger cups. 

Worldwide delivery for worldwide convenience

Water collection, runoff disposal, and keeping your Gaggia in prime condition are easier with our affordable enhancements. There’s no way swapping your Gaggia Classic drip tray for a new ergonomic one could disappoint. 

It takes seconds to replace your old tray with the one you purchase at Coffee Sensor while you’ll reap the rewards daily. Plus, buying a Gaggia drip tray for most classic models can be a perfect starting point for optimizing your brewing experience. 

But whether it’s your first upgrade or you’ve been creating DIY coffee setups for years, Coffee Sensor is for you. We vouch for the fastest delivery and express service worldwide. Your trays and grids are only a few days away! No lengthy wait times can diminish the joy of fine-tuning your Classic.

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