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La Pavoni

La Pavoni parts that will bring your lever machine back to all its glory

Lever machines are the gold standard of coffee making. And La Pavoni is a well-trusted Italian brand that still produces them to pay tribute to classic instead of one-touch brewing. The caveat is that what gets less popular is harder to maintain. But Coffee Sensor makes snatching any La Pavoni part your machine needs a snap.

Let us help you continue to deliver the best-tasting beverages for your customers. Here you can find La Pavoni Europiccola parts, La Pavoni Professional accessories, and must-haves for other lines. We carry the essentials for all four of the brand’s lever machine gens – from water-heated to steam-heated coffee makers.

Looking for a new wand tip, portafilter, pressure gauge, or E61 group head? Give your chrome La Pavoni a second chance with the right parts. If you’re only getting started with level machines at your coffee shop, this chart will guide you through all their components and accessories.

Why shop for La Pavoni accessories at Coffee Sensor?

There’s nothing like brewing espresso as you pull a hand lever and control the process manually. If you think so, too, take good care of your La Pavoni machine with Coffee Sensor parts and accessories. Retail customers or coffee shop owners choose us because we:

Cover all lever machine lines. Whether you need La Pavoni Professional parts or Europiccola group heads and baskets, we list them right there. This size guide will help you pick what suits your lever machine.
Manufacture parts on our own. While La Pavoni accessories are rarities, Coffee Sensor goes to great lengths to produce some of them. We also provide installation kits so that putting them in place is never an ordeal for you.
Supply them in bulk. If you’re running a coffeehouse chain and need quite a few spare parts for your coffee machines, Coffee Sensor can provide them. We accept bulk orders for all La Pavoni and other items, taking shipping fees out of the equation if your order is more than 400 EUR.
Ship them worldwide. Cherish Italian coffee-making traditions, no matter where your coffee shop is located. We dispatch orders worldwide using DHL services, with the drop-shipping option available.

High-quality La Pavoni parts are key to keeping your lever machine at its best. Shop at Coffee Sensor to make sure it delivers delicious coffee every time your customers enter your facility!

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