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Body parts

Brand-new La Pavoni body parts for the heart of your machine

Under the shiny exterior of your coffee maker are the components that power your perfect cup: boilers, steam wands, and bases. With our new and fully functional body parts for La Pavoni, you can replace anything that falls short of rich crema-topped brews and creamy milk or degrades your machine’s performance.

Is your LP one of the first generations? Does it require an upgrade for its best efficiency? Replace its leaking, damaged, or outdated components for improved shot quality, crema formation, and overall lever action.

Buy La Pavoni body parts

Do you want your morning espresso to be rich, balanced, and full-flavored again? Browse our catalog of OEM accessories and body parts for La Pavoni to boost your coffee maker:

  • Boilers & Components – Various options are up for grabs for LPs to heat water for brewing espresso and steaming milk.
  • Steam pipes & Taps – Zoom in on the diversity of Coffee Sensor wands to improve the powerful steam from your LP’s boiler.
  • Group heads – Our selection is overflowing with pieces to replace outdated group heads.

All body parts for La Pavoni are priced reasonably to bring your LP back to its peak performance. Your upgraded LP of any generation will keep on providing many years of faithful service as you make countless excellent espressos and cappuccinos.

Most popular body parts for La Pavoni online

Unless otherwise noted in the listing descriptions, these parts fit the majority of LP machines. They are engineered to make your upgrading experience hassle-free.

Complete group head assemblies

These sets come in chrome and gold colors and include a group head, boiler, gaskets, connectors, and other essentials that may become worn or damaged over time and need replacement. Their heavy-duty construction helps maintain a consistent brewing temperature during the extraction process. When you shop for La Pavoni body parts from Coffee Sensor – group head assemblies in particular – you get the most sought-after attachments made to precise LP specifications.

Steam taps

Made of durable metals and plastic, any piece of your choice will last for years to create a powerful jet of steam. Multiple options are available, from complete taps to single knobs, with setups for Grand Romantica and Stradivari models included. The latter 3-hole steam tip has an angled design that makes it easy to steam milk in various pitcher sizes and saves you time while expanding the capabilities of your La Pavoni.

Grab maintenance-related La Pavoni body parts online

Because it is recommended to perform preventive maintenance of safety valves every 2-3 years, you can also find your replacement alternative for various LP models. Besides, if you want to replace a fixed steam wand with a removable one, you can snap one up at Coffee Sensor.

There’s nothing like a latte or cappuccino from your classic lever machine. Stop by the Coffee Sensor shop for body parts for La Pavoni and bring your LP to its former or redefined glory!

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