Why choose us ?

Well it’s actually simple…because since from the very beginnings, we chose to be better day by day. This means that we DON’T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING.

Since we created (not copied like some say) our Universal Adapter and Thermometer, we improved our adapter’s design the next year. If we copied anything or anyone, why the change of design of something that was already invented and tested by someone else? In reality, we created and tested our own prototype and after that, offered the final product for sale. Next period of time, were very careful about our client’s feedback and we decided to make another change in better, with a new adapter design but also with some new small mods inside the sensor.

We searched how we could improve the sensor and diode’s reading speed, and come up with a simple change but which affected the speed just enough to be sensed. Also, we decided to use only a more expensive version of the thermometer, although on the market you can find cheaper versions of our product. We can assure you that they are not even close to what we make and offer.

Also, a part of our earning will always be offered to those less fortunate. We don’t want to go into details, but me and my family consider ourselves children of God and true Christians. So if God helped us and offered us more than we need, an important amount will always go to others that also need His kindness and blessings.

Also, a big part of what we gain because of you will go into research and new or improved products. We started out the business with just the Universal Sensor and Thermometer.

If you check our Shop now, you’ll see that we found new ways and funds to create and sell more than 120 products and still counting. And be assured that Coffee Sensor’s expansion will go beyond what we hoped for…(with His help).