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IMS Competition

Enhance your Gaggia Classic with IMS Competition parts

Why settle for average espresso when you are worthy of an excellent brew? Take your coffee maker from basic to barista-level with Gaggia Classic IMS Competition upgrades. The difference in your cup will astonish you.

One of the best methods to improve extraction and get café-quality espresso is upgrading to an IMS precision basket and shower screen. IMS baskets are crafted for incredible flavor and aroma extraction. Pair one of these with an IMS shower screen – and you get an even, pressurized water flow over the coffee puck.

To transform your Gaggia Classic into the ultimate espresso machine, explore Coffee Sensor for:

  • Gaggia Classic Pro IMS baskets. They are all made from food-safe steel and designed using state-of-the-art production techniques. Their fine laser-cut holes and processed interior provide a smooth surface for the perfect coffee puck. Nanotech baskets come in 18g, 20g, and 22g series, and their precision engineering allows you to grind finer and pull fuller-bodied shots.
  • Gaggia Classic IMS shower screens. The top-of-the-line 55mm screens are made using certified non-toxic steel with precision holes for even water dispersion. They prevent channeling and allow for even extraction while doing wonders for espressos with a thicker layer of crema and more complex flavor notes. Now, your Gaggia will make espresso on par with high-end commercial machines.

With an IMS shower screen and IMS basket for Gaggia Classic, your coffee maker has it all to deliver competition-level shots. Snatch these high-performance components with swift shipping to Europe and worldwide!

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